How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

You should never sit on your rights if you have a valid claim. But Song-Beverly generally gives the consumer four years to file the lawsuit from the earlier of either: (1) the expiration of the warranty; or (2) from the date discovery that the vehicle was a lemon. When you “discovered” that the vehicle was a lemon is a factual issue but it can be either from the last repair order or from the date that you ask the manufacturer to buy back the vehicle.
If you are worried that you are running out of time to file your case, give us a call right away.

How does Conn Law get paid?

Many of California’s consumer protection statutes have what are called “fee shifting provisions.” This means that if we are successful, we are able to recover our attorneys’ fees and costs from the other side. This allows us to represent consumers without charging them a dime.

We take all cases on a contingency basis and do not charge our clients.