The majority of California’s consumer protection statutes were enacted in the 1970s, if not earlier. While the world has changed dramatically since then, and we are now facing issues stemming from innovations unthinkable at the time these laws were written, such as self-driving cars and robust digital databases, these laws do provide us with a strong base. With legislative amendments, a little creative thinking, and deep experience, our firm stands on the shoulders of these laws to represent our clients and vigorously protect their rights.

The attorneys at Conn Law, PC have combined decades of experience in representing consumers on a wide range of issues. We are a full-service consumer protection law firm and are prepared to take on new challenges, we have identified some of the key problem areas that disproportionately impact the modern consumer.

Lemon Law

California was the first state in the nation to establish a consumer friendly lemon law. In 1970, the California Legislature enacted the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. The statute was written with an eye towards the future and covers not only motor vehicles, but almost all consumer products. Given the recent popularity of the Jetsons at the time, the Legislature probably thought that flying cars would be the next technological wonder, but the statute applies equally well to modern day products. Manufacturers still have to honor their warranties. Click here for more on lemon law and to see if your car or product falls within its scope.

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Auto Dealer Fraud & Auto Finance Issues

In 1961, the California Legislature noted that the vehicle is the second largest purchase most families make in a lifetime (after buying a house). This is still true today. But every time that consumers go to buy a car, a product that they will depend on every day in order to safely and reliably transport themselves and their families, they have to put their complete trust in the car dealership. Unfortunately, there is a misalignment of incentives. The dealership’s salespeople, finance desk, and management are incentivized to maximize personal profits on each transaction, often to the detriment of consumers. This potential for abuse carries over to the automotive finance industry, where subprime lenders use dirty tricks to bleed their customers dry. It is these misaligned financial incentives that lead to so much consumer fraud in the automotive industry. Click here for more detail and to see if you may have been a victim of auto fraud.

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Consumer Privacy Rights

Privacy concerns are nothing new. The right to privacy is guaranteed by the first section of the California Constitution. We have always had the right to be left alone. But advances in technology and the increasing importance of our digital data have fundamentally changed the meaning and scope of “privacy rights” and what it means to be “left alone.” We now have to worry about invasions of our privacy through intrusive robocalls, unauthorized access of our credit reports, credit card receipt privacy, and access to our personal data. Conn Law, PC is committed to continue enforce our inherent right to privacy as technology evolves.

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Modern Day Financial Abuse

Fraud against consumers is not just limited to the automotive industry. For instance, a common form of fraud today is with the door-to-door sale of solar panels and solar energy, the tactics for which mirror those used with the door-to-door home insulation sales in the 1980s. Fraud is still fraud. And with the Baby Boomer generation turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 people per day, financial abuse against the elderly is only on the rise. Fortunately, California has strong consumer protection laws in place to deter and to penalize financial abuse. Conn Law, PC is here to enforce those laws and protect your rights.

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